• SumUp Lite Card Components

  • Set Up Your SumUp Card Reader

  • Charging the SumUp Card Reader

  • What About the Card Reader Lights? 

SumUp Lite Components 

SumUp Lite Card Reader Setup 

  1. Log in to the SumUp App with the email address and password that you registered with.

  2. Once you’re logged in, you should see the Checkout screen. Type in $1.00 on the keypad, and press "Charge". Your device will then start to scan for the card reader and once found, the reader will turn on automatically and the blue lights will begin to blink.

  3. Confirm the pairing request on your smartphone or tablet by comparing the last 3 digits that are shown on your screen with the last 3 digits of your card reader’s serial number. (This can be located on the back of your card reader). Tap “Connect”.

  4. Simply confirm the Bluetooth connection by pressing the green checkmark on your card reader, and you have successfully connected!

  5. Connection successful! Your card reader is now preparing for its first transaction. The initial maintenance process will take about 30 seconds.

Keep in mind, this process is only to pair the reader to your smartphone or tablet. In order to start accepting transactions, you’ll still need to finish registering and activating your SumUp account. You can learn more about this process here.

Charging the SumUp Card Reader

When you receive your SumUp Lite Card Reader, it should be fully charged! 

Moving forward, you can charge the SumUp Lite with the Micro USB cable included in the package—just plug it into a power supply or a computer! You can keep transacting while it charges. Once fully charged, the SumUp Lite will hold about 300 transactions.

The battery level is shown using the blue LED lights at the bottom of the reader. One LED light equals about 25% power. So, for example, if 2 out of the 4 lights are on, that card reader would be approximately 50% charged.

What About the Card Reader Lights?

There are 4 blue lights on the bottom of the SumUp Lite Card Reader. These lights represent different notifications when the reader is in standby mode versus while it’s taking payments: 

  • The card reader is on: As soon as you turn on the card reader, the LED lights will flash on quickly and then turn off. After that, one LED light will flash every 4 seconds to show that the reader is turned on.

  • The card reader is connected to your device: The 4 LED lights will also flash when a secure Bluetooth connection has been established between the card reader and your smartphone or tablet device.

  • You’re taking a contactless payment: When you want to accept a payment, the first LED will light up. Hold the card or phone in front of the card reader to begin the payment. Once the data transfer is successful, all 4 LED lights will flash and the card reader will beep. Keep in mind, customers won’t be required to sign after a contactless payment.

  • The card reader’s battery level: The LED lights can also indicate your card reader’s battery level. If you press the power button down once (release it quickly), the LED lights will indicate the card reader’s battery level. Each light represents approximately 25% power. Therefore: 

    • Four LEDs show that your battery is at 100%, 

    • Three LEDs signal a battery level of 75%.

    • Two LEDs signal a battery level of 50%. 

    • One LED signals a 25% battery level. It’s definitely time to charge your card reader if only one LED light is on.

Having issues? You can read more troubleshooting tips here.

For any other questions, call our SumUp Support team Monday - Friday between 9 am - 7 pm EST at 1-888-250-2164, or get in touch anytime by email (support@sumup.com).